Generally I'm writing for myself as I find it helps me to think. Posting them here forces me to clarify the ideas enough so that they make sense to other people.

What your product does, is more important that what it says it is

13th September, 2023

Last month, I went to the Yayoi Kusama exhibition in Guggenheim museum in Bilbao. In one part of that exhibition, hung in a frame was a letter she wrote.


Tests for good goals: How to write good goals and get the most from them

14th June, 2023

During my time at Meta, I conducted lots of Product Manager (PM) interviews. We had a particular type of interview which was called the "execution interview" which despite its violent sounding name, was ostensibly about gauging a candidate's ability to build products effectively. However, in practice, it primarily focused on goal-setting.


The expert's advantage: Chat Interfaces work for experts but not for laypeople

6th June, 2023

LLMs rely on language inputs as their instructions, meaning that to maximise their potential, you must be able to construct instructions that guide the model in the desired direction and lead to the intended outcome, you must create the "prompt."